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Wedding Services


Coordination Packages

Have everything planned, but you're worried it's all going to fall apart at the last minute? Don't stress yourself out, just book one of our coordination packages!


We will review details planned and ensure they're carried out, take on communication for all of your vendors, build the wedding timeline, transport decor between locations, keep up with any changes that need to be made during the day, and coordinate everything from the rehearsal to the reception. 

Our coordination packages start at $2,200.


Planning Packages

Don't know where to start? Stuck in the planning process? Ready to have a drink? Go ahead, pop the bubbly, we'll handle the hard stuff for you!


Whether you've just started planning, or you're half way through, we have a package that can help. Our planning packages include everything from our coordination packages, along with extra planning and meeting hours. We will be as hands on as you need to make sure your day is perfectly planned. Planning packages include budget tracking, contract reviewing, and vendor selecting. 

Our planning packages start at $4,100.

à la carte

Ah, so you don't need EVERYTHING from either of those packages. You just need a little help with something different. Well, we're still here for you! 

Whether you need vendor recommendations, an extra set of hands for set up, design consultation, or you just need someone to empathize with you that planning a wedding is hard, we're ready to help!

Our Mini Planning Sessions start at $100 per hour.

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