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September 8, 2019

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September 8, 2019

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Glitter, the perfect addition to your table setting

November 15, 2017


Ready to add a little sparkle to your dinner table? Check out these two really simple ways to add a personalized touch for your guests!



First, you're going to want to gather your supplies. For these two projects, you only need a handful of products!

-Mod Podge (I use this for almost every craft I do, so I keep a pretty big jar on hand, but you only need a little jar for this project)

-A wooden letter (possibly for your last name, or company name)

-A generic wine glass (I got this one from the dollar store)

-A paint brush (I used a medium sized brush for this, but honestly you can use whatever you're comfortable with)


-A placemat/napkin to catch extra glitter


-Paint (for the sides of your letter)

-Oil Based Paint Pen (to personalize your wine glass)


I just love this project! It's so multifunctional, you can use this letter for any decorating you want in the future! How cute would this be on a mantle?

Above you will see a picture of all the steps for this project (it's a slideshow)! Below you will find written descriptions of each step.

Prep- Paint the edges in white acrylic paint (if desired)

1) Cover your letter in a nice layer of Mod Podge

2) Sprinkle glitter all over your letter (make sure to get every spot covered, don't worry about using too much glitter, because you'll dump the extra back in the bottle)

3) Rotate your letter to make sure your glitter covers every spot (this also helps get the extra glitter off of your letter)

4) Dump the extra glitter from your placemat/napkin back into your bottle

5) Add a second layer of Mod Podge (be careful, you'll want to use a good amount of Mod Podge because the glitter will get into your brush if you don't use enough)

6) Sprinkle a second layer of glitter onto your letter

7) Rotate your letter again to cover all the Mod Podge and to remove the excess glitter

8) Dump your glitter back into the bottle

9) Admire your creation!


 This is such a fun and easy one! Plus, you can use these glasses for everything!!

Don't forget, the picture above is a slide show :)

Prep- Write a personal message on the glass with an oil based paint pen (optional)

1) Add Mod Podge around the base of the wine glass (pro tip, you can use tape to make an exact line if you need to)

2) Add glitter to the base

3) Go ahead, get crazy with the glitter, make sure every spot is covered

4) Rotate the glass to dump off extra glitter

5) Add a final layer of Mod Podge (not pictured, because this was a display for a client)

6) Viola! You have a personalized wine glass to enjoy with all of your guests!


 Enjoy your hand crafted additions to any table! Be sure to check back next week to see my glitter wine bottle tutorial! Have an idea of a craft, but don't want to be the first to try it? I'm always open to new ideas to throw glitter on! Just drop me a note at the bottom of my web page!


Happy Holidays!! Cheers!

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