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Bachelorette Bashes Everyone Will Love

Ready to take those bachelorette parties up a notch? Check out these awesome ideas we've compiled over the years! Best part? You can mix and match! Every party should reflect the hosts and their guests, and this one is no different! There is no right way or wrong way to celebrate the last night of a single life!

Weekend Travel Trip

This is one of the go to ideas for amazing bachelorette parties! They can be personalized for every group! Whether you take a trip to Vegas, Paris, the mountains, or the beach, it will definitely be an amazing time!

Dinner Party

Want to get that one on one time with your friends that may not happen as much after your nuptials? This is the perfect option! Whether it's fancy or comfy, you'll be sure to enjoy the time spent! Want to make it even more fun? Cook together! You can go to take a class, hire a chef to give you a lesson, or even google a favorite recipe and recreate it!


This is another classic idea that many bachelorettes use as a go to! You can always have a good night out with your friends and get a little dancing in. There are a couple different ways to get the most fun out of this idea. You could create your own bar crawl or book a VIP table! Don't forget all the fun sashes and accessories!

Throw A Social

Ok, so this one takes a little bit of creativity, and brainstorming! You could do so many different social parties! Some fun ones that we've seen? Tea parties, Champagne bars, wine tastings, brunches, and pool parties! The key to this one is having a really good idea on what activities the group likes! Don't forget the perfect decor to go along with your social!

Craft Workshop

This one is one of our favorites! The best part of this one? You can surprise the bride by crafting her centerpieces or creating something special for the big day! You can book a session with a local craft store or even create something at your house!

Outdoor Adventure

Is your group a little more outgoing? You can do so many fun outdoor activities! Some of our favorites: yoga, horse back riding, hiking, and even rock climbing! This is a fun one to get everyone moving, but be sure that you pick an activity that everyone can partake in!

Scavenger Hunt

Do you have a group of competitive and motivated people? This is such an awesome idea to see in action! You can also do so much with it!! You can create the hunt to go all around the town or even limit it to a certain space. You can work it as teams or all together. This is also the perfect option to mix and match with some of the previous ideas!


Love to get all dolled up? This is an awesome experience for everyone! Want to have even more fun?! Add a theme!! This is another fun idea to mix and match with other ideas!

There are so many different ways to celebrate this very special event, and like we said before, there is no wrong way! The key to any successful event is to be mindful of the guests. There are ways to make any bachelorette party personalized, need some help? Reach out to us! We'd love to help! Have an amazing idea we didn't list? Drop them in the comments, we love to hear new ways to party!

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