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Wedding Emergency Kit

So you've got everything planned from your arrival to the venue to the cleanup crew. Here's one extra idea to help you prepare for anything that could pop up! When we coordinate a wedding, we travel with a care package tailored specifically for our couples with the following items.

Needle & Thread

This one is pretty obvious. You just never know what will pop up that these will come in handy. Everyone will thank you for having these on hand!

Band Aids

These are so versatile! Getting blisters from your heels? Slap a band aid on and keep dancing. Trust us, these are a must!

Lip Gloss & Mascara

Ok, so honestly, having any of your makeup available for touch ups is definitely a good thing to do! But at bare minimum you should have these two items!

Nail File

Trust us, if you snag a nail, you won't want to get that caught on your dress! Better to be able to keep your beautiful manicure intact.

Travel Size Deodorant

This one pretty much speaks for itself. You'll want to be able to apply quickly during your bathroom breaks, and having one in your bag will save you from searching the bridal suite!

Phone Charger

Having a portable charger with a cord will benefit you so much! You can keep your phone going all night right from your purse!

Bobby Pins & Hair Ties

When you hit that dance floor, you just never know what will happen to your hair. It's nice to be able to fix it no matter where you're at!

Lotion & Cuticle Oil

Your photographer will be snapping quite a few pictures of your hands, these will help you keep your hands beautiful and picture perfect!


This one goes along with the deodorant, you'll want to stay fresh through the whole day. It doesn't hurt to add hair spray with this as well!

Baby Wipes

Do you know how handy baby wipes are?! We learned that baby wipes can help you clean up pretty much anything! Super nice to have on hand in case you get into any sticky situation!

There are so many handy "emergency" items to keep for your big day, but this is our starting point. Of course, we travel with many more items in our collection (our owner even brings her hot glue gun) to make sure that our wedding couples are covered no matter what happens. What is one thing you're definitely throwing in your wedding emergency bag?

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