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Ready to "Fall" In Love?

See what we did there?! All jokes aside, fall is one of our favorite seasons to throw a wedding! Did you recently get engaged? Or are planning a last minute wedding this year? Or just enjoy to set up pretty table settings? Then these decor ideas are right up your alley!

Pumpkins & Gourds

You knew this one was coming! Pumpkins are pretty much a staple point in everything fall themed. Don't miss out, next week will be a blog about turning a pumpkin into a beautiful centerpiece!! Not a fan of orange? You could replace them with a gourd of your color choice!

Sugar Skulls

Not going to lie, this one has to be done carefully to really shine and highlight the traditions of Dia de los Muertos; but when it's breathtaking! There are so many different ways to incorporate this style, you can set it with dark and bold colors, or with beautiful bright colors. This is one of our favorite additions to those late October/early November weddings!

Autumn Foliage

Did you know there were different ways to incorporate leaves to your table settings? You can place them as name tags, use them to wrap around the napkin of your silverware, scatter them in the center of the table to add to your centerpiece, or create beautiful flowers with them! That's right, you can turn them into flowers! We created a couple's floral arrangements last fall with nothing but leaves! Such a fun and unique way to spice up your decor!


Don't want to do the typical pumpkin decor? This is a really fun (and delicious) option! You can create some really fun pieces with apples. Especially if you think outside the box! Simply cutting a line in the top of the apple you can create table number holders, or even name place markers. There's no wrong way to set up your table, you just want it to reflect the feel of your event!

Bold Flowers

Nothing makes a statement like a beautiful bold flower placed in your table decor! It can really help tie your color palette all together on your tables. They also make really good accent pieces for some eye catching color!


A lot of couples opt for burlap because it matches so many different color palettes. You can also use burlap for many different aspects of the decor!


Don't want to do burlap? This is a really fun alternative! Plus, you can get all different types of prints and colors! These can also be used for winter weddings! Definitely an attention grabber!

Mason Jars

Can't forget these fall staples! Mason jars are so cool to craft and really create your own vision! You can paint, glitter, or leave bare. They're super versatile and can go with a lot of different decor options!


Who doesn't love a perfectly placed lantern? There are so many different shapes, sizes, and colors! They're great to add different height options to your tables too!


Want to add a little balance to the bold colors? This is a great option! You can also use greenery in a lot of different places on your tables.

We just love helping couples plan their tables. Each one is always unique to the couple, and really showcases their individuality! The key to a perfect table it to have fun designing it! Don't let it stress you out, play around with different colors and options. We love to visit local rental companies with our couples and plan their tables! Need some help? Feel free to reach out to us! We offer virtual design sessions along with local meet ups!

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