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Magic Summer Camp

Since events have severely slowed down during the pandemic, I've had a lot of time at home to hang out with my kids. Which led me to put this magical experience together.

Who else out there has been dealing with kids that are ready to break out of the house?! I know mine would rather spend a week at Azkaban than find things to cure their boredom at home! Which gave me the idea to "send" my kids to summer camp. Obviously I'm not shipping my children off to some made up place with Dementors, but I instead put together a week of activities to make them feel like they're not "stuck at home".

I drew a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, and will include the original links that gave me the ideas for the activities we completed. So buckle up, jump on the platform, and learn how my kids spent a week at the (best) school of witchcraft and wizardry.

*Note: this plan was put together for kids at an early elementary school age*

Charms Lesson:

Ok, I admit, this was a fusion of Charms class and Transfiguration class, but truth be told, my kids had no idea, and they loved it none the less. For parents with huge Harry Potter fans, you might want to make the distinction between the two.